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Buffalo Concrete Repairs

Concrete repair "surgeons" of Buffalo

At Dietz Decorative Concrete we repair concrete on all kinds of projects in the Buffalo area. We have skilled contactors on staff with years of experience, which means that odds are good we will have the expertise to repair your project.

Problems can sometimes occur with concrete driveways, patios and the like, especially if the project was not done installed properly in the first place. Typically it is best to get concrete repaired right away before cracks and broken spots grow larger and become unrepairable.

Whether your need to repair a concrete slab or foundation, walkway, patio, or any other concrete application, we provide concrete repair services at a reasonable price and we’re typically to get these projects done quite quickly. Leave your repair job to be done with the help of professionals. 

Why would I need concrete repair?

It’s important to get your concrete repaired if it starts to crack of break down. Concrete can usually be fixed if the damage is minor. We can fix things like cracks, physical impacts, chipped surfaces, and surface scaling.

We do our best to let you know if your existing concrete is too damaged beyond repair to prevent you from having frequent problems in the future. However, if we are confident we can do a repair job that will last and be worth it for you, then we will absolutely do the job.

Why would you need to repair your concrete? 

One of the most durable materials of construction is concrete. However,  due to bad installation practices, exposure to harmful chemicals, constant temperature changes, or a handful of other factors, concrete can sometimes crack or deteriorate.

If you let the concrete defections get too bad it can give a negative look to your home. This is particularly important if you want to get top dollar for selling your home. Repairing these damages in a professional way that is going to last will typically require professional help. Luckily, concrete repair is very affordable and jobs are usually small, so they can be done in a short period of time. 

Types of defections 

There are a few different kinds of issues with concrete that need to be repaired. Some of the issues are: 

  • Chips
  • Cracks
  • Pitting
  • Discoloration

If the damage from these defections isn’t too bad, our team take a look at the repair you need and give you a free, no obligation quote for what it would cost to fix it. 

Options for concrete repair 

When you are getting your concrete repaired, you can also get any new look that may be in accordance with your liking. Some of the popular options that you can opt for are: 

  • The stamped concrete overlays
  • Pebble coating or river rock concrete
  • Epoxy paints with color flakes or metallic pigments
  • Spray-down texture coatings (cool deck finishes for outdoor spaces)
  • Brushed (wet concrete overlay is brushed with a broom)

Our professional concrete contractors can take a look at your existing concrete, give you an honest assessment, walk your through all of your options, and provice you with a recommendation on how to proceed.


Ready to start your project? Give us a call for a free estimate.

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